Introducing the Layered Audio Modular Mixing System

Preliminary Product Information
A True Modular Expandable System

The Layered Audio Modular Mixing System is the direct result of 50 years research and custom electronic fabrication.

Each module is constructed in a self contained steel enclosure (19" x 1.75" standard)

Start with Power Supply and Output
Add Inputs and Outputs As Needed

Classic Design Topology

  • Low-Impedance High-Current Circuitry
  • Transformer Coupled Inputs
  • Discrete Op Amps (2520 compatible)
  • Transformer Coupled Outputs
  • VPR 500 Power Supply Compatible
  • +4 / +24 System Levels
  • +30 dB Output Level Capability

Custom Built Transformers

  • Premium Quality
  • Made In USA
  • Choice of Voicing (East or West Coast)

Standard and Custom Channel Options

Ultimate quality and performance
every module handmade to order
right here in California, USA

Extensive point-to-point wiring
and PCB construction for highest
audio performance

Custom analog control bus options
for enhanced workflow

Designed for critical recording and DAW Mixing

Commercial installers that require a robust and versatile analog system capable of meeting CFR, UL and NEC requirements should consider our modular frame system for assembling approved components. Our engineers have over 35 years of experience building emergency sound and power systems.