A New Era For Audio Transformers

VM630 East Coast and West Coast Sound

Layered Audio transformers are the direct result of over 30 years of research and engineering. Each is lovingly hand crafted in the USA using old-school manufacturing techniques and precision materials.

Our VM (Voiced Magnetics) initiative began in the early 1990's but the professional sound and recording industries were racing as fast as possible to embrace new digital technologies. Voiced Magnetics was almost relegated to extinction.

In the new millenium something amazing began to happen, thousands of ears began to awaken to the fact that analog audio production technology offers a unique richness that is unsurpassed by digital.

We developed the VM630 series transformers for our modular mixing system and are also making them available as components for repair, replacement, DIY and installation contractors.

When you buy Layered Audio VM Series transformers you are assured of receiving exceptional and consistent quality, fully tested components that meet our high standards of performance.

For detailed specifications and pricing information about each of our transformers visit our store area.

On the left is the VM630FeFP (Melville) and on the right
is the
VM630NiFP (Hollywood). Flat Pak mounting style shown above

The VM630 models are line-level audio transformers, the VM630Fe and the VM630Ni are each available in a flat-package or in a mounting frame. These two transformers share the same physical size so they may be used interchangeably depending on the circuit and sonic requirements.

The VM630Fe (iron) is constructed using vintage style silicon steel laminations, it's our take on the style of transformer used in the classic American mixing consoles built in Melville, New York during the early 1970's. We've upgraded this classic quadfilar design with Litz wire and 12" UL color coded wire leads.

The VM630Ni (nickel) is a Layered Audio design, made with expensive high-nickel laminations and Litz wire, finished with UL color coded wire leads. This quadfilar transformer provides extremely low distortion in the bass frequencies along with minimal phase shift and flat frequency response. The VM630Ni sound is powerful, smooth and sweet.

Either of the Layered Audio VM630 transformer models may be used as a replacement or upgrade for an API* 2503 style output transformer. Choose the VM630Fe for the classic mid-forward tone or choose the VM630Ni for flat response and sweet high frequency reproduction.

This Is Just the Beginning

With over 30 years of design, research and application data to draw from, we have many more new and exciting transformer based products coming.

Layered Audio is dedicated to bringing you high-quality products you can use to improve and enhance your audio production work.

Our designs are not just a bunch of theory and specifications, they are original products born from real-world experience and applications, like recording studios, theme parks, board rooms, film production, radio and television stations, shipboard entertainment and emergency sound systems.

Our engineering talent comes from all across the USA and Europe, passionate individuals who do this because they are able to, not because they are required to

VM630 (Channel Frame Version) Burn In Testing

Each transformer is individually QC tested and burned in before packing for shipment
*API is a registered trademark of Automated Processes Incorporated. Layered Audio is not affiliated with API in any way.